Music is your friend: DHS players host 15th Annual Music In Motion

Dryden High School and Open Roads Fine Arts music classes joined together for a special end of year concert for family and friends — one that marked the departure of music teacher Ryan Graham over to New Prospect and the passing of the torch to Stephen Cortens. Photos by Sarah McCarthy

By Sarah McCarthy

A celebration of the arts, music and the education that comes with it is what Music in Motion is all about, as Ryan Graham of the Music Department at Dryden High School said last Tuesday night. Open Roads Fine Arts classes, Grades 6-8 joined the High School music students for the 15th annual year end concert.

There was a variety of music played throughout the night, from modern hits like Taylor Swift, band pieces such as Mozart, some Disney and the latest Broadway tunes from the musical Hamilton. Besides playing as a band, the audience also got to hear surprise original songs that the Grade 9/10/11 open and 9/10 Advanced classes got to create with artists Elko and Jordan Lane over the semester. Graham said all the students improved greatly over the years of playing music and it is a great way to show their skills.

“These kids come from nothing when it comes to learning how to play and they triumph.”

It was a special and emotional night for many, as Graham will be making the switch to New Prospect School as a Vice Principal. Graham also announced he would be passing the torch of the High School’s music program to current Open Roads music teacher Stephen Cortens.  

“Each one of these kids has an opportunity to do something special with music education-now the important part is for them to keep on going. It doesn’t just end on a concert. Music is one of those things that taps in with you for the rest of your life it’s something that you own, it’s something that you have deep inside you. It is an intrinsic motivator that will always be there-it never quits, music is your friend and your biggest dependent.”

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