News — 03 May 2017

By Michael Christianson

Continue monitoring landfill statistics for changes.

That was the direction public works was told to go by council in regards to the Highway #502 landfill.

Public Works manager Blake Poole says they are looking to the Ministry of Environment for more flexible hours at the landfill.

“We want to be able to decide on our own hours and then we can change them seasonally if we see that’s going to work better or other things instead of asking very specifically about extending the hours for say Saturday from noon until five o’clock or something. This way we can do it in other places as well like extend the hours maybe longer during the week or shorten them up during the week.”

They plan to lobby the MOE on the issue as well and they are currently making inquiries to the Ministry of Transportation about a possible turning lane to the landfill.

Meanwhile last week Public Works had to put some projects on hold while they waited for the snow to melt. Poole said the weather event lead them to postponing street sweepings and flushing hydrants.

“The other problem right now is half loads have been on for two weeks already so rural areas and the side roads and stuff it’s really hard to get our graters and plow trucks down there with just how heavy the machines are and the blades tend to dig in and make more of a mess on the roads, more permanent damage and they damage our equipment as well, we’ve been trying not to do the side roads as much.”

Warm weather and melting snow over the weekend helped Public Works to clear some of the more troubled areas.


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