Culture & Events — 31 May 2017
‘A Little Bit of This and That’

Open Roads School’s Grade 6 Fine Arts Class. Photos by Sarah McCarthy

Open Roads Fine Arts Students display visual art pieces at Dryden Museum

By Sarah McCarthy

Lichtenstein Style Portraits

The Open Roads Fine Arts classes, Grades 6-8 have the opportunity to showcase their talents in the Dryden Museum’s latest exhibit.  The grand opening took place last Wednesday and each class showed up throughout the day to discuss their pieces of art with family and community members. “Little Bit of This and That” is exactly what you see when you walk in the Dryden Museum. The Fine Arts students of Open Roads had a variety of different art works displayed, including sculptures, paintings, wood carvings, decorative eggs and many more colourful, inventive pieces.

Grade 6 Fine Arts students Fiona Cook and Noah Trach were very invested in making their art pieces creative. Trach said his favourite piece he created was his Romero Britto sculpture.

“It was a lot of fun to make, you could let your imagination run wild and do what it wanted.”

Fun and imagination, that is the goal of the Open Roads Fine Arts program Cook added.

“Fine Arts really pushes us out of our comfort zone to do anything, different stuff in drama, music or art.”

Community members getting the chance to see the Fine Arts classes work also pushes some of the young artists out of their comfort zone as well but for the better. Trach felt very accomplished to be featured in the museum’s latest exhibit.

“I’m pound of myself and happy for everyone. I get to show people my art pieces in a museum.”

Cook also explains that the Dryden Museum has provided this great growing and learning opportunity for many Fine Arts students.

“I think it’s really honourable to let everyone in town see our art that we just made in school, I never would have thought this could happen before.”

Dryden’s Museum Cultural and Tourism Coordinator, Bethany Waite was present for the grand opening of the exhibit and said she is excited to take on all the new opportunities to come.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know the community better and meeting new people, and hopefully getting to bring some more interesting exhibits to the museum.”

Watercolour paintings.



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