Theatre 17 presents Rumors

Theatre 17 cast members (from left): Steven Pritchard, Peter Marshall, Darlene Fuerst and Rob Rodgers on stage performing Neil Simon’s Rumors, May 5 at The Centre.
Photos by Chris Marchand

By Chris Marchand

Dryden audiences got tangled up in a hilarious web of fanciful half-truths and farcical fun in Theatre 17’s presentation of Neil Simon’s ‘Rumors’, staged in three shows May 4-6 at The Centre.

One of the longer shows in recent memory for the community theatre group, an ensemble cast of Steven Pritchard, Julija Graham, Rob Rodgers, Darlene Fuerst, Peter Marshall, Dayna Debedenet, Jason Roussin, Theresa Lambert, Brittany Cook and Patrick Keewatin each pulled their weight during this tale of an upper-crust anniversary party gone awry.

In a show full of standout performances, Rob Rodgers as ‘Lenny’ had audiences wrapped around his finger as did Julija Graham’s pickled performance of Chris Gorman and Dayna Debenedet’s eccentric ‘Cookie’.

The story is a comedy of errors surrounding a man, Charlie Brock, the Deputy Mayor of New York, shot through the earlobe on the eve of his 10th wedding anniversary party in an apparent suicide attempt. His wife Myra is nowhere to be seen.

Given the sensitivity of Charlie’s political role his guests conspire to keep the scandalous events a secret not only from the authorities, but from each other. Hilarity ensues as the booze flows, rumors are shared and the evening spirals towards a tense interaction with the police.

Theatre 17 is now preparing for an ambitious production of the stage version of the 1975 cult film classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, expected to hit the stage Nov. 2-4 at The Centre.

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