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GM Ice Dogs take ‘Bill’ on victory tour

Oh shiny! St. Joseph’s students get up close and personal with the Superior International Junior Hockey League’s championship trophy, the Bill Salonen Cup, last week.
Photos by Michael Christianson

By Michael Christianson

After sweeping their way to a SIJHL Championship the Dryden GM Ice Dogs brought the Bill Salonen Cup home last week and took it on a tour of the city.

The Dogs and the Cup started their championship tour at St. Joseph’s school where students got a chance to see the prize up close and personal and talk to the Ice Dogs about their accomplishments.

Next stop was New Prospect School where the school held a pep rally in the gym to cheer on the champs before they compete in the Dudley Hewitt Cup.

The busy boys then went on to visit important sponsors at Petro Pass and Dryden GM.

The next day the Ice Dogs and Bill were at it again, braving snow and playing outside with the students at Open Roads School. From there they got a photo-op with Max the Moose before visiting École Catholique de l’Enfant Jésus. At EEJ the Ice Dogs played games with the students and showed off the Cup to many excited fans.

The final stop of the Bill Salonen Cup tour was Dryden City Hall where deputy mayor John Carlucci presented a Dryden flag for the team to proudly display while competing in Trenton for the Dudley Hewitt Cup.

Sled Dogs – Ice Dogs play at Open Roads School.

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