DHS students give incoming Grade 8s a peek into high school life

Jess Meade and Emma Taylor introduced DHS music department to the grade 8 students.
Photo by Sarah McCarthy

By Sarah McCarthy

Future Eagles of Fall 2017 recently gathered together at Dryden High School for grade 8 Orientation. It was a day of learning and preparing the soon to be grade 9 students as they take their next steps in education by coming to high school. Leadership teacher Ted Mitchell and his students guided the grade 8s throughout the day.

“It’s an exciting and scary time for them to be thinking about making that transition to high school. I think grade 8s have a lot of misconceptions and fears about what Dryden High School is really like.”

The day started off with icebreakers and get to know you games, then to tours of the different classrooms, the high school itself and participating in activities. The grade 12 Leadership class took the reigns on showing grade 8s the school and taking them to classes like Business, Music, Drama, Art, Tech/Shop and others where they were able to experience class activities hands on.

The grade 8s were able to get a good idea on what subjects will be available to them come their Grade 9 year in the fall while getting to mingle with students, ask questions to their leaders and even take a crack at generally the biggest fear of high school…unlocking a combination lock.

Mitchell adds that the goal of the Orientation was to allow grade 8s to meet each other, especially others that do not attend the same school, get them comfortable with the building and make sure they left that day looking forward to the exciting change of attending Dryden High School.

“DHS is a fun place, an awesome place and we look forward to being their home for the next four years.”

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