Eklo lend hand with DHS recording project

Adam Tolcholke and Jordin Kellar, a local musical duo known as Eklo, work with music students at Dryden High School on a project to write and record an original song. Photo by Michael

By Michael Christianson

Two local musicians who have struck a chord online are now sharing their talent and experience with the students at Dryden High School.

Adam Tocholke, known online to electronic music fans as Eklo and Jordin Kellar AKA Jordin Laine are both from Dryden but started collaborating when they met in Ottawa. The pair was at DHS last week for their first of seven sessions with the students. 

“I started this process about five years ago and I applied for a grant through the artists in residence and I was able to get them in,” said music teacher Ryan Graham. “The idea is they are going to spend time with my grade 9/10 classes and they are going to produce a song. That song is going to go onto platforms like Spotify and Apple Music and give the students an awareness and show the creative process, which ties into a lot of the musical curriculum as well, but also show the students how easy it is to start this process.”

Graham expects the sessions to be an authentic learning experience for his pupils.

The music students spent the first session getting to know their artists in residence by discussing favourite genres of music and they told the students a bit more about what they do and shared some of their songs.

“We want to introduce them to how we write songs and talk about different processes and see if anyone is interested in that whether they write poems or, there was someone writing their third novel in the other class, even just getting them writing or thinking about how songs are written, why people even write songs and then taking an idea, expanding it to a more full song and then showing them how you make a song,” said Tocholke.

The duo hopes that every student is involved somehow in the project and that there are many steps to produce a song from recording, producing, editing and the final release. The song is set to be released at the Music in Motion year end concert on June 6.

“I hope they feel proud at the end that they’ve contributed to something so artistic and original,” said Kellar. “Even if they take away a tiny little spark of interest for something new; if someone who has never even considered song writing thinks they may be into that or someone who never thought about going on a computer and producing a song maybe comes into the back room and fires up the program on their own, even if it’s the tiniest little thing, I think that’s all we’re asking for.”

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