August flood damages exceed $600K

City seeks to share costs of damaged infrastructure with province

By Dryden Observer Staff

A severe storm on August 12, 2016 in Dryden led to flooding that affected hundreds of local residents. Infrastructure in the municipality also endured significant damage and the repairs were continual for months afterwards.

In a report to the Municipal Disaster Recovery Program (MDRP) the city’s internal department pieced together a provincial submission totaling $611,378.

The report had numerous items in it, which included such items as culverts, manhole replacement and repairs as well as overtime for employees during the flood. Many labour and overtime issues continued for weeks and months after the flood incident.

The MDRP runs via a cost sharing formula. In order to trigger this program the overall costs had to exceed 3 per cent of own purpose taxation levy, which equated to $405,093 for the City of Dryden.

For the first $405K, the split is 75 per cent/25 per cent for provincial/municipal responsibility.

The remaining $206,285 is split 95 per cent/5 per cent on responsibility to pay.

The municipality’s responsibility at this time totals $111,588 and the provincial total is $499,790 of the $611,378 program submission.

The city has $120,000 planned in reserves currently in regards to this situation at year end on their balance sheet.

The province is continuing to review all supporting documents at this time.

The $499,790 from the province is not a guarantee of receipt of funds but is a cap on what they city can potentially be eligible to receive.

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