The Dressurection – Local social worker looking for a deserving youth to pass on prom dress

A day to remember, Ravin Walker in the dress she hopes can help a local youth enjoy a prom experience they might not otherwise be able to afford. Photo submitted

By Michael Christianson

Prom and graduation is quickly approaching and while many high school students dream of a magical night not everyone can afford all the costs associated with the event; one local social worker is looking to ensure that one more girl won’t be left out.

“While I was working in the beginning of my career I worked in foster care and child protection and I got to see how much people who live in underprivileged situations really miss out on and my prom experience was something that I probably will not ever forget,” said Ravin Walker. “My parents pitched in for a dress that was $500, my grandparents pitched in, my mom paid for my hair, my sister picked out my make-up and I got to live like a queen for an entire day and it was the best time of my life. It just saddens me to know kids out there are never going to experience something like that because they can’t afford it or they don’t feel they deserve it.”

Walker says her prom dress has been sitting in her closet for five years and she says that one dress and one night are worth a mountain of memories to her and she wants someone else to have the same thing.

Walker posted on Facebook about her intentions to donate her dress, including any alterations it may need and to pay for hair and nails to be done. Her response was extremely shocked and extremely grateful. The post has been shared nearly 100 times and she has received messages from people wishing someone had done this for them when they were going to prom.

Lacie Galeotafiore at the Hair Loft has since come forward to donate a hairdo of the recipients choosing and Walker wants to buy them dinner as well.

2 comments on “The Dressurection – Local social worker looking for a deserving youth to pass on prom dress

  1. Esther Hicks

    Is anyone planning a place and a date where other people who have beautiful prom dresses that were only worn once could bring them so kids who can not afford a fancy down for Grad could go to pick out a free prom dress?


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