“Happiness Is…” at The Dryden Museum

‘Blue Heron’ by Laura Lee Pernsky

‘No Dress Rehearsal’ by Jill Wilkinson

Left to Right: Suzanne Johnston, Donna Montague, Pauline Withers, Nancy Fumerton, Marlene Moroz-Dick, Gina White, Laura- Lee Pernsky. Photos by Sarah McCarthy  

by Sarah McCarthy

Last Wednesday night, The Dryden Museum welcomed back visitors by holding a reception that featured a collection of the Dryden Artist Association’s work. The theme for this month “Happiness Is…” was very prominent in the local artists diverse perspectives within their creations. The art exhibit inspired and delighted many community members.

The Dryden Artists’ Association was humbled and grateful to be apart of the event for the museum reopening. President of the Dryden Artists’ Association, Laura-Lee Pernsky spoke on behalf of the group of artists and said:

“It’s so important to have places in the community where you can showcase your local talent. Having that space and allowing the people in your community to share what they can do is so valuable.”

All the artists in the group are considered “amateurs” that learn from one another to build on their skills and techniques. Basically what the purpose of their group is to really immerse themselves in the arts. The Dryden Artists’ Association gathers together at least once a month for a paint session in order to just think about art for a day. They also have days for “parties” and retreats where they bring in other artists to teach them or they choose a picture as an influence and each artist represents it differently. The group is open to everyone, with any kind of experience or talent.

“It’s a wonderful group of people, warm and welcoming. Make art a part of life.”

The Exhibit “Happiness Is…” runs all through the month of March (until the 29th) with new days and hours of operation at The Dryden Museum:

Monday to Wednesday

8:30am – 4:30pm

Admission – 3$

Kids 6 years and under as well as Members – FREE

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