Judo meet draws 50 competitors

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By Michael Christianson

The Dryden School of Judo hosted a tournament in Dryden over the weekend, their first in 24 years.

Judo students from Thunder Bay, Fort Frances, Kenora and Dryden met at New Prospect School on Saturday to showcase their talents and compete against their fellow judokas.

The tournament drew around 50 competitors and was a special one as it was a newaza shiai competition. Newaza shiai is the groundwork aspect of Judo so each competitor began on their knees and worked close to the mat. Younger competitors used hold-downs while older ones used a variety of chokes and arm bars.

Instructor David Sutton thanked all the volunteers that pulled this event together and was happy to see it be so successful.

“Our judo community in northern Ontario has been going for a long long time. It’s always been a very strong organization,” said Sutton. “Through the years we’ve had a lot of Canadian champions, we’ve had champions internationally, provincial champions and today we have belt ranks as high as fourth degree down to first degree in black belt ranks and obviously all the colour ranks, they progress as they go along.”

Whether you practice Judo in Canada, Japan or Turkey the discipline is the same all over the world and was the first martial art in the Olympics.

The Dryden School of Judo meets every Tuesday and Thursday.

Photos by Michael Christianson


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