Council to consider remuneration review

By Michael Christianson

Council will consider the formation of a remuneration review group in order to review all forms of remuneration from comparators and the province.

During each term of council a working group/ citizens committee is formed but a review has not been completed and presented to council since 2006.

The review and recommendations would allow council remuneration to be adjusted.

City clerk Debra Kincaid said that staff recommends membership of the group to include representation from taxpayers, urban indigenous sector, seniors, youth, the chamber of commerce and at least one former member of council or mayor.

The review would include results from a consultant report that was completed in 2015, which would greatly cut down on a review cost. Expenses are expected to be minimal and the impacts of any changes would not take effect until 2019 budget year, under a new council.

Some members of council were at first concerned about the time and expenses it would take for such a review but in the end only Darryl Skinner seemed to still be opposed to looking further at the issue.

Councilor Roger Valley said it has been a long time since council saw a raise in remuneration.

“I think we need a review and I’ll draw back on my own previous experience sitting as the mayor of this community. I used to sit in meetings, I was the mayor, and the guy sitting beside me was making twice as much and he was a councillor in a community of 1400,” said Valley. “The last thing I did in office was sign a document that doubled everybody’s salaries back in 2000. Without the review we don’t know where we stand, without the review we don’t know what our citizens think of us. I don’t even know where we stand right now and how we’re paid or anything else but I will be very blunt in saying none of us are overpaid. If we don’t do it it will be another six years because it won’t happen until the end of the next council’s cycle.”

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