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Beating the winter blues

St. Joseph’s School students participated in a variety of novel elective activities
designed to break their routine and shake off the mid-winter blues, last week.
Photo by Michael Christianson

By Michael Christianson

Last week grade 3-8 students at St. Joseph’s school took a day to beat the winter blues.

The one-day program at the school was designed to help students enhance their physical, social and mental well being during these cold winter months.

Each student was given a list of physical activities, of which they had to choose one, and a list of electives.

Physical activities ranged from swimming, skating and weightlifting at the arena and fitness centre to dance and yoga at the school.

Electives offered a wide variety of activities such as candle making, chess and cooking.

Members of the Dryden GM Ice Dogs were at the school and the fitness centre to help lend a hand and give back to the community.

For some students it was their first time doing a new activity and many of them were looking forward to taking their newly acquired skills outside of the classroom.

Teacher Stacy Montgomery said the kids were having a blast and enjoying their day of doing something different.

“It’s fun to get away from the winter blues,” said Montgomery. “They are able to do things they are not normally doing in class and being able to interact with kids from other classrooms so it’s been lots of fun.

The day was an accumulation of hard work and brainstorming from the staff at St. Joe’s that paid off well and fulfilled their goal of beating the winter blues.

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