Ibrahim: It’s easy to take Canada’s opportunities and sense of security for granted

Local dentist Dr. Ghada Ibrahim was born and raised in Kuwait to Palestinian parents. She immigrated to Canada in 1992 following Iraq’s invasion of her country. She was a featured speaker in Dryden Area Anti-Racism Network’s Living Library series last week. Photo by Michael Christianson


By Michael Christianson

The Dryden Anti Racism Network welcomed Dr. Ghada Ibrahim to their Living Library last week.

Ibrahim was born and raised in Kuwait to Palestinian parents until Iraq invaded the country leaving her and her family refugees.

She came to Canada in 1992 and her talk revolved around the freedom that is found within Canada.

“Coming to Canada the sky is the limit for opportunity and I mean that in every way. Regardless of how much improvement we would like to make to our society we are pretty much up there with recognizing human rights, recognizing what’s wrong, what is polite and personal space, we are well aware of these things,” said Ghada. “Most of all if someone, anyone of us, born in Canada or born outside, if you have a dream and you are determined and hard working there is no limit, you can reach any lifestyle you like. You can achieve anything absolutely anything you want, I believe that because it happened in my life and it happens in peoples lives I look at coming from different places.”

Ghada told a story about being new to Canada and visiting a dental school in downtown Toronto. She ended up missing her bus and in broken English she asked a man to help her, as she didn’t know how to use the payphone. The man did help and called her sister to come get her.

While waiting for her ride Ghada went across the street to order food during the lunch rush. She remembers her confusion as she tried to order and a busy counter attendant didn’t have time for her to figure it out.

Flash forward and Ghada is in her third year of dental school sitting in the same area and out of nowhere she remembered that day for the first time in years.

Ghada said she sat there with full security, a good education and complaining about the weather and her professors and realized how far she came and how much opportunity Canada has to offer.

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