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Soccer field multi-use building to be constructed in Spring

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.


Construction is planned for this summer, said Gary Nickle, fundraiser for Dryden Youth Soccer Association, in an address to the Dryden Rotary Club on Feb. 3.

“We have enough money to build a basic building, perhaps not as finished as we would like, and our Trillium grant is time-sensitive, we must use it this year,” said Nickle.

He added that he is working with the architect to ensure good value for money, and the city is squarely behind the project.

“If we are successful with more fundraising this summer, we will be able to more fully meet the real needs over there,” added Nickle.

Currently there are two toilets at the skateboard park, however this does not go far during a soccer tournament which might attract over 400 people, and the core of the new building will include adequate public washrooms, along with basic amenities like kitchen area, ref rooms and lobby area.  Adequate change rooms to properly accommodate tournaments may be included, or be added later when funds become available.  The building will include a large roofed outdoor deck as an assembly and socializing area.

The Rotary club has been a solid supporter of  his recreational development, known as “Rotary Park”, for many years, and so far has contributed $100 000 towards this multi-use building project.

In response to questions, Nickle confirmed the soccer club is amenable to the building being expanded to accommodate other users.  “In fact, depending on the fundraising efforts of the local tennis club, one of the next stages of development at Rotary Park may be tennis courts,” he noted.

The complex already includes the skateboard park as well as soccer fields.

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