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Soccer facility set for spring construction

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.

By Chris Marchand

Dryden Youth Soccer says it needs to start construction in the on a long-planned multi-use facility to be located at North Dryden’s Rotary Fields, or risk losing some of their funding.

Dryden Youth Soccer’s Gary Nickle appeared before council last week to ask the city to consider doing what role they could play to help the project become a reality. 

“We have $280,000 that’s either in the bank or committed and we’re estimating that the building could come in around the $400,000 mark,” said Nickle. “We have a shortfall that we’re obviously trying to make up.”

Among Dryden Youth Soccer’ suggestions were an in-kind donation of the facility’s sewer and water connection as well as the construction of the road from the parking area to the building.

Nickle says a final suggestion asked councillors to consider waiving Dryden Youth Soccer’s field rental for a period of five years as an in-kind donation.

Some $90,000 in funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation stands to be forfeited if construction hasn’t begun by fall of 2016.

The building would be constructed just to the south of the current parking lot area on an elevated area which overlooks the three soccer fields.

“We have to build a building and if we don’t have enough money we’ll just build it in such a way that we can add-on as future funds become available,” said Nickle who adds the group is awaiting the results of a federal funding application to Canada 150. “We’re working with a architect to finalize our layout. Depending on the funding we could be looking at something as small as 800 square feet with a 500 square foot overhang, or it could be as big as 2,000 square feet with a 1,500 square foot overhang. The size of the building would determine if we get the changerooms, or a concession stand. We’d like to have ref rooms for males and females as well.”

Local partners in the project include Dufresne, Hydro One, TbayTel and the Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Club.

Anyone interested in getting involved as a partner for the project is urged to contact Gary Nickle through the club’s website at, or the their Facebook page.

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