Garden extras a welcome sight at Dryden Food Bank

A box of fresh onions donated to the Food Bank. Manager Keith Grant says it was also a good year for cucumbers as they received many. Photo by Michael Christianson

By Michael Christianson

With harvest season in full swing the Dryden Food Bank is receiving fresh produce to go to those in need.

“It’s a nice change,” said food bank manager Keith Grant. “I think nutrient wise it is better I think any time you process anything whether it’s canned you’re losing a certain amount of nutrients. I think with canned products you need to basically bring it to a boiling point when you get fresh stuff like that you get better quality and vitamins especially for kids.”

Grant says during the summer the food bank goes out to the farmer’s market in Oxdrift to purchase produce. This time of year fresh donations are coming in from groups like the Farmer’s Association but also from local people with big gardens and big hearts.

Grant says that more options for food gives those in need more variety and healthier options.

“They love it,” said Grant. “They’re excited to get it. Just this morning there was a lady and she saw the kale and she said ‘you know you can actually put a little salt and pepper on it and put it in the oven and it comes out like a potato chip. People know different ways to prepare and they’re excited about it because it’s fresh.”

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching Grant encourages the community to remember those who have less and give what you can. Non-perishable and canned fruits are always good for the food bank to receive and Grant says meat donations are always accepted as well. The food bank has a large walk in freezer to house such foods.

Grant himself is thankful for the people of Dryden who are always there to help others and keep the food bank on track.

“Overall my attitude is we are very thankful for the support we get in this community,” said Grant. “This community is amazing, I think unique among communities in Northwestern Ontario most of the food banks are having a tough time meeting the need and we have a need here but people are very very supportive. People know what we do and they have a lot of goodwill and they are very supportive.”


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