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LETTER: East Dryden: neglected and in danger of losing community assets

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.

To the editor:

It has been 20 years since the Township of Barclay amalgamated with the city of Dryden.

Over that period of time nothing new has been invested in what is now East Dryden. Residents of old Barclay have lost what few amenities they had before becoming part of the city. Recreational facilities such as ball fields, and cross country ski trails are gone; Barclay Hall and the property it sat on was sold and now the city is quietly selling the publically-owned unopened road allowances which access Wabigoon Lake to help pay the bills.

Further evidence of the neglect is the city has not included East Dryden in the city maps on the City of Dryden website, nor is it found on welcome placemats, the snowmobile map, or the ATV map, to name a few. It’s like it doesn’t exist. Is there a reason for that? We pay taxes like everyone else in this city and we deserve better!

Here is something else to consider. Wabigoon Lake has a very limited number of public boat launching facilities. There are only two such sites on the entire Wabigoon-Dinorwic Chain of Lakes and they are located in Dryden at the Government Dock and at Victoria St. — the Nugget Creek access in Wabigoon is limited to small boats without a windshield in order to cross under the railway trestle. The rest are privately operated. This is one area the city should look at if it wants to promote tourism.

There are still a couple of unopened road allowances and possibly some city-owned land abutting Wabigoon Lake in East Dryden — one of which could be developed for this purpose. Construction of a new boat launch on Davis Point Rd. was started prior to amalgamation, but for some reason, was never finished.

A new boat launch on the east side of the city would take some of the pressure off the existing boat launches in town. It would make it more viable for all residents of Dryden to access Wabigoon Lake and it would take pressure off the private property owners who have been dealing with trespassers trying to find a place to get on the lake, especially in the winter.

So far two unopened road allowances have been sold, one by the Twp. Barclay at the end of Tara Rd. before the amalgamation and the second, very recently, under questionable circumstances — without any notice to the public — located at the end of Russell Rd.

These road allowances are valuable pieces of property. They should never be sold. Who are we to say that the next generation won’t need these parcels of land for the future development of the city.

With talk of a possibility of more federal funding headed our way for new projects, it’s time the city fathers had some shovel-ready projects ready to go in East Dryden should funding become available.

Bryan McDonald, East Dryden

One thought on “LETTER: East Dryden: neglected and in danger of losing community assets

  1. I agree 100% with what Bryan McDonald has to say about East Dryden. When I grew up in Barclay it was certainly more promising than what it is today. We had activities going on and a school, community hall, our own garbage disposal dump and it seemed to be a thriving community—-until the amalgamation took place. (I was never in favour of it anyway) Not that I ever expected that it would lead to this, now the residents & community itself seems like they are forgotten. Barclay is supposed to be a bedroom community to the Big City of Dryden?? what happened here, not what you would find happening in a proper city enviroment.That is for sure!
    Betty-Lynn Sharp
    Wpg, MB

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