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Athletes take advantage of dryland training session

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.
Athletes ride spin bikes at the Dryden Rec Centre during a Dryland Training session over the weekend. Photo by Michael Christianson

By Michael Christianson

While some kids were at home on the couch on Saturday a group of dedicated young athletes were at the Dryden Rec Centre sweating and learning about healthy living.

Dryland Fitness hosted an all day multi-sports camp which was a chance for local youth to get more familiar with the rec centre and what programs are offered. The camp also helped kids get more ideas about physical fitness, health and what kind of training they can be doing outside of their regular sports programs.

“This is the age group where they’re either going to come or they’re not,” said organizer Chris Shaw. “They’re either going to have a good experience or a bad experience so hopefully with this they have a good experience.”

Shaw had a lot of people inquiring about a dry land program in the area. Shaw coaches girls Timberwolves hockey and everything that was done on Saturday is what he normally does with teams.

The event had many volunteers including unpaid instructors that were there to teach and motivate the local area youth. Dryden Dolphins head coach Matt Taylor volunteered his time and he feels his time is well spent.

“We have a lot of talent, “ said Taylor. “We have a tremendous talent pool in athletics in Dryden and it spans the sports from hockey right down to badminton. We have a girl here today from Ignace she plays badminton. There’s no sport going on in Ignace collectively in the school at the moment, she chose to be here today. She plays NorWossa badminton and I think that’s a great thing for her. It shows the public just how interested kids are.”

Twelve-year-old Evan Armit was one such interested kid who attended the event. Armit plays every school sport that is available to him at St. Joseph’s School and he learned a lot from speaking to the volunteers from the Northwestern Health Unit.

“Some stuff that I learned is how dangerous chewing tobacco can be,” said Amitt. “How to use a treadmill more properly, how to get on and off and what speeds to go at to be in the endurance or to be in speed and I learned lots about calories and how to keep your body healthy.”

Shaw mentioned at the event that if the day went well and there was enough interest he would consider running a full week program in the summer.


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