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What about a cafe with cats?

Montreal has “The Cafe Chat L’Heureux” !

It is a cafe/restaurant open to everyone and it is a place where the company of cats can be enjoyed while satisfying one’s cravings for great beverages and quality products. A relaxation space, it is designed to allow the enjoyment of a prolonged contact with cats in a space created for optimum human/feline interactions. This cafe also wants to provide the benefits of cat-therapy.

If you plan to visit Montreal, and whether you are a cat lover, or you just want to know more about cats, or simply because you are looking for an original place to hang out, check out the Café Chat L’Heureux. A very new idea in this country, the cafe is open daily.

The cafe says they are offering a unique experience that you won’t forget!”

There is more to this cafe though. It has a MISSION!

  • Offer a substitute place to everyone who can’t own a pet
  • Offer an adapted place to encourage human-feline interaction
  • Becoming a platform downtown to promote animal well-being, sensibilize everyone about feline needs and today’s reality on owning a pet.
  • Bring back the want for adoption to many
  • Promote adoption in shelters, and more thought-through adoption. It is important to know that cat’s adoption is not done based on its looks but by its personality.
  • The Café will host conferences and activites (Vet conferences, Zootherapy for elders and disabled people, workshop for kids)

With 130 + cats in care with Second Chance Pet Network, do you think it might be an option here? It sounds like a bit of heaven for cat lovers! It would be a great way for anyone wanting to adopt a kitty to meet some special ones that are looking for their permanent home. Maybe the time has come for more such cafes here. In looking for more information about cat cafes, it is interesting to note that Canada is following the lead of a number of other countries where there are cafes like this! Friends tell us that Japan has had them for quite a while. From 2005 to 2010, seventy nine cat cafés opened across the country there. With the success of cat cafés in Japan, more and more cafés began popping up all over the world, from Café Neko, which opened in 2012 in Vienna, Austria, to cafés in Germany, Russia, Hungary, Spain, France and Italy. And NOW Canada has one too!

Maybe Dryden should make it TWO!  What do you think?

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