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Portfolio roles raise ire

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.

Valley and Nuttall will split duties as KDSB rep

By Chris Marchand

Councillor Norm Bush brokered an uneasy truce between Mayor Craig Nuttall and Councillor Roger Valley in a heated discussion over who should represent the city at the Kenora District Services Board (KDSB) over the next four years.

It began in council chambers Monday night when Councillor Mary Trist moved to amend the Mayor’s boards and committees appointment/nominations for the KDSB to make Valley the primary representative in place of Nuttall.

A snap election of sorts then took place as both Valley and Nuttall each stated their case for why they feel they would be best for the job.

Nuttall, says he put his name down for the role because he’s concerned about the Services’ Board’s increasing demands on the City in a time when provincial support is receding.

“Our OMPF (Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund) grant has been cut by five per cent and the Kenora District Services Board has been increasing their costs to the City of Dryden and surrounding municipalities every year. I would like to sit on that board so I can hold them accountable,” said Nuttall. “If we get our grants cut by five per cent, then why is the services board getting an increase?”

Nuttall served as an alternate representative to councillor Brian Collins over the previous term and attended one meeting, a fact that was raised by Valley.

Valley says he was present at the formation of the Services Board, has watched it grow from a single employee to the organization it is today and adds he is familiar with the various players as well as the challenges that have faced the organization from day one.

“They have a constant struggle in trying to work with the province to pay their fair share of the costs for the unincorporated areas around us — they (province) have never done that. When you add that to the five per cent (OMPF) reduction, every municipality that is at the table have the same problem we do, except the unincorporated. I like to participate in it. I think I’d represent the city well and I want to do it.”

After Nuttall indicated he would not be interested in being an alternate, Bush suggested he and Valley split the duties of the four year term, alternating as primary representative on a yearly basis with Nuttall claiming the first year at KDSB — an idea that was grudgingly embraced by both.

Other appointments included: Councillor John Carlucci to the Dryden Public Library Board and Dryden Museum Advisory Board, Mayor Nuttall to the Dryden Police Services Board (Ken Moss alternate) and Kenora District Municipal Association, Councillor Martin MacKinnon to the board of the Dryden Development Corporation, Aging In Place Committee and Neighbourhood Legacy; Councillor Mary Trist to the Dryden Handi Transit Board, Dryden Non-Profit Housing Board (Valley alternate), The Dryden Area Drug Abuse Strategy and the City of Dryden Cultural Roundtable.

Citizen appointments were as follows:

Dryden Public Library Board

Cherie Peacock

Theresa Lambert

Shirley Cole

Lucille Ayers

Lynne Euler


Dryden Police Services Board

Peter Andrusco

(one vacancy, provincial appointment)


Museum Advisory Board

Willem Vermeer

Gerry Oliphant

Patricia Norman

Darlene Winters

Sharon McGillivray

(three additional vacancies)


Dryden Non-Profit Housing Corporation Board

Peter Keen


Committee of Adjustment

Bryan Crawford

Darryl Skinner

Shaun Kurz


Property Standards Committee

Bryan Crawford

Darryl Skinner

Shaun Kurz


Dryden Cultural Roundtable

Ron Gillis

Leanna Bullock

Marjorie Salavich

Judith Hamilton

(Two adult and one youth vacancy)



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