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Camera Club exhibit displays emerging photographic talents

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.
Photographer Darryl Skinner says he captured this image of a sea turtle taking a breath near Orlando, Florida.

Kim Dalberg presented this beautifully lit shot she calls ‘Raining Strawberries’.

By Dryden Observer Staff

The Dryden and District Museum has played host to a most impressive exhibit of local photography since July 28.

Dryden Camera Club members delved into a variety of subject matter in their annual showcase, which has now finished its run, making way for a presentation of local visual art.

Among the most notable offerings were some striking large landscape images by Karen Greaves — the image detail seemingly enhanced by the texture of the canvas they were printed on.

Birds were a dominant motif among the show’s contributors. The best examples arose from John Terpstra whose images set the bar for fine detail and technical prowess.

Kim Dalberg also presented some interesting images with a variety of subjects from wildlife to still life, experimenting at times with metallic printing paper.

Rob and Kim Earl showed some interesting travel photography, with Rob employing a high dynamic range (HDR) post-processing technique.

Darryl Skinner offered some interesting wildlife pics, contrasting large images of raptors in flight with fighter jets.

A fixture at many sports and community events, Bruce Houston revealed some of his favourite action photos from local moto-cross races and the recent colour run.

Ed Patterson and Derek Kennedy also offered quality imagery.

A high dynamic range image of an abandoned building in the American West, by Rob Earl.


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