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Track meet to be renamed ‘Harry McMaster Classic’ in 2015

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.
Andie Wood leads the way in the Girls 13-19 400 Meter Dash HS, finishing first with a time of 1:09.59. Photos by Samantha Hawkins


Spring arrived, the skies parted and the rains drizzled out just in time to allow the 4th annual DHS Track and Field Invitational to go off without a hitch on Thursday May 15. More than 25 volunteers helped to run the day like clockwork to the benefit of more than 300 grade 7-12 students from 13 schools around the region. Together they pulled of another day of fun and friendly competition in 48 age group track and field events on the newly renovated Harry McMaster Track and Field.

Amy Wickstrom set the tone early in the day for elementary girls division and never looked back as she tore up the track for gold in the elementary 800m, 1500m and a bronze in the 400m. Hot on her heels were Sarah Urquhart, Corrin Kuzemchuk and Mandy Tourond, all three of who practice and run with the DHS Eagles High School team. By the end of the day, these 4 “DHS Minions” as they like to call themselves, had wrapped up 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th position among the 125 elementary girls taking part in the meet. Buoyed by strong results on the track, Open Roads captured the elementary girls title.

On the Elementary Boys side, Thomas Moline of St. Joseph’s gold in the 1500m, long jump and bronze in the shot put was enough to edge out Jared Neniska of St. Thomas and his gold in the shot put, 100m hurdles and bronze in the 100m hurdles. Taylor Kadin of Open Roads, Tyler Costello and Mike Doucet, also of St. Joseph’s rounded out the top five. With 3 athletes in the top 5, St. Joes ended the day as the clear winner in the elementary boys team category.

The DHS Eagles emerged as the clear winners in the high school point totals, outpacing an injury plagued Fort Frances squad by a 5:1 margin on the day. The Eagles captured the top five individual placing’s in both the girls and boys high school divisions. The team used the day to check their fitness in their core events and test themselves prior to the NWOSSAA regional high school championships in Thunder Bay on May 27/28.

“There is no question that this is the strongest track and field team the Eagles have ever assembled. It’s great to see so many kids excel at so many different events, on one team and all enjoy themselves doing it. The team is deep, talented and has more potential than they can imagine,” commented coach Wood

Dustin Sheibler from Beaver Brae in Kenora masters the high jump in Thursday’s track and field events hosted at Dryden High School. Photo by Samantha Hawkins

The Eagles will host and attend a national class Track and Field Skills Clinic on Friday May 23 through Sunday May 25th at DHS. The team, elementary students, potential coaches and select regional athletes will have the opportunity to fine tune their skills with the benefit of coach Ming WuPu, (Gold Medal javelin in Barcelona 1988) national mid distance team member Quin Ferguson, and several members of the University of Manitoba Track team. “We are so thankful to have the assistance of Athletics Manitoba. We’re building a team from scratch. Anything we can do to help our athletes and coaches learn will help in every way imaginable. Any student, teacher, coach or potential coach who is interested in attending this free event can find the details on the “Dryden Athletics” facebook page or by contacting Mike Wood at 807.221.8868 or by email at:

The DHS Track and Field Invitational will be renamed the Harry McMaster Classic next year, and will be held Thursday May 14, 2015. Be sure to mark your calendars for this first meet on a new rubber surface. New events will include the 1200m elementary and 1500m high school steeplechase.

DHS Track and Field Invitational

Dryden High School – Harry McMaster Track – 5/5/2014 to 5/23/2014


Elementary Girls Team Scores

1 Open Roads Elementary School 88 .50

2 Sta – Elementary 86 .67

3 St. Joseph’s Elementary School 71 .50

Elementary Boys Team Scores

1 St. Joseph’s Elementary School 112 .25

2 Beaver Brae Elementary 84 .25

3 Open Roads Elementary School 81 .25

High School Girls Team Scores

1 Dryden High School 281 .50

2 Fort Frances High School 75 .00

3 STA – High School 7 .50


High School Boys Team Scores

1 Dryden High School 327.00

2 Fort Frances High School 53 .50

3 STA – High School 44 .50

Elementary Girls – Individual Scores

1 Wickstrom, Amy TNCA 26.

2 Urquhart, Sarah OPENR 20

2 Creed, Haylee STA-E 20

4 Kuzemchuck, Corrin STJ 17

5 Tourond, Mandy OPENR 15 .50

6 Kruger, Morgan OPENR 12 .50

7 Huisman, Rebecca STA-E 12

7 Hoard, Lisa GLCPS 12

9 Ladacouer, Kiara NEWP 11

10 Amell, Sam GLCPS 10

10 Dyck, Emily NEWP 10

10 Boucha, Jade GLCPS 10


Elementary Boys – Individual Scores

1 Moline, Thomas STJ 28

2 Neniska, Jared STA-E 26

3 Taylor, Kadin OPENR 23 .25

4 Costello, Tyler STJ 18

5 Doucet, Mike STJ 17 .25

6 Wickham, Xavier BBRAE 15 .25

7 Fair, Antwon BBRAE 15

8 Picard, Julien GLCPS 14

9 Waller, Evan OPENR 13

10 Boucha, Clark BBRAE 12


High School Girls – Individual Scores

1 Mawby, Elisa DHS 36 .50

2 Wood, Andie DHS 34

3 Mol, Britney DHS 30

4 Coles, Lindsay DHS 29

5 Carter, Elizabeth DHS 26

6 Cooper, Alexandra DHS 24

7 Robertson, Kenna FFHS 23

8 Gagnon, Gabby DHS 22

9 Penner, Arielle DHS 16 .50

10 Wisneski, Ally DHS 15 .50


High School Boys – Individual Scores

1 Wood, Sean DHS 56

2 Benson, Jacob DHS 35

3 Perkins, Ilya DHS 29 .50

4 Hodgkinson, Michael DHS 23

5 Mawby, Mitchell DHS 20

5 Thibault, Tristan DHS 20

7 Bilous, Jacob DHS 18

8 Jordens, Justin DHS 17

9 Anderson, Bruce DHS 16 .50

10 Braun, Michael DHS 16

10 Markowski, Kirk DHS 16


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