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Public salaries disclosed in annual list

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.

Dryden Observer Staff

The Province of Ontario released it annual Public Sector Salary Disclosure this week.

An advent of the Mike Harris Conservative government, the Public Salary Disclosure Act requires organizations that receive public funding from the Province of Ontario to annually list the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of employees paid $100,000 or more per year.

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board is the perennial leader among salaries in the region with over 50 employees listed including Director of Education Sean Monteith whose salary was posted at $171,416.37.

Dryden Regional Health Centre CEO Wade Petranik was the top-paid public official in Dryden at just under $178,000.

The Pubic Salary Disclosure Act applies to organizations such as the Government of Ontario, Crown agencies, municipalities, hospitals, public health boards, school boards, universities, colleges, Hydro One, Ontario Power Generation, and other public sector employers who receive a significant level of funding from the provincial government.

Anyone can search the entire list online at

City of Dryden

DAVIS ROBERT Police – Chief $130,157.07

ENGSTROM DALE Police – Sergeant $114,324.24

GLENISTER KEVIN Police – Inspector $121,958.79

HOWARTH PAUL Police – Det. Cnst. $113,149.51

KAUS JANET Police Cnst. 1st Class $112,404.62

OLSEN JARED Police Cnst. 1st Class $113,522.02

RANDELL TRAVIS Police Cnst. 1st Class $103,985.83

RAPINE MAX Police Cnst. 1st Class $102,502.40

SILVER SCOTT Police – Sergeant $108,252.99

SZACHURY DENISE Police – Det. Cnst. $108,079.39

TKACHYK ANN Police – Det. Sergeant $116,800.65

Ontario Provincial Police — Dryden Detachment

Armit, Brian $106,404.52

Chwastyk, Edward $108,648.94

Desjardins, Dennis $117,152.18

Davidson, Scott $102,766.91

Fults, Ronald $116,401.67

Harder, Diane $135,666.51

Huckell, Erin $100,182.71

Hussell, Dean $126,670.58

Moline, Jeff $121,310.96

Pykkonen, Jonathan $116,695.14

Scribner, Mark $112,114.79

Stemkoski, Thomas $100,127.59

Teeple, Michelle $105,641.59

Wesley, Charles $125,995.07

Wood, Kristopher $114,951.88

Dryden Regional Health Centre

BEVILACQUA KAREN Nursing Supervisor $105,352.52

BRYANT TINA Nurse Practitioner $105,398.79

DINGMAN ROBERTA Nursing Supervisor $122,555.47

FURLONG DARLENE Senior Vice President-Patient Services & Program Development $122,304.00

NOSWORTHY AUDREY Nursing Supervisor $101,561.43

OTTERTAIL SANDRA Nurse Practitioner $105,407.93

PETRANIK WADE Chief Executive Officer $177,780.72

SHOGUCHI KAREN Nursing Supervisor $107,558.18

VAN OORT ROBERT Vice President- Corporate Services $113,625.17

Keewatin-Patricia District School Board

BARTLETT BRAD Sec. Vice-Principal $110,891.37

BASTABLE SUSANNE Sup. Principal $136,196.06

BEATTY ROBERT Sec. Teacher $101,636.40

BOOS MICHAEL Elem. Principal $121,349.53

BRUETSCH CLINTON Sec. Principal $121,349.53

BULLOCK JOCELYN HR Manager $108,527.90

CARLSON KIM Facilities Manager $108,527.90

CARRIE DEAN Sup. of Business $147,984.98

CIANCI GRAZIA Elem. Vice-Principal $108,110.48

CONQUER CHRIS Elem. Principal $122,245.93

DAVENPORT RACHELLE Elem. Vice-Principal $108,110.48

DESAUTELS TODD Secondary Teacher $102,927.76

FINDLAY DIANE Manager Compass for Success Ontario Education Services Corporation $112,865.45

FLYNN TIM Elem. Principal $121,349.53

FREGEAU PAUL Secondary Teacher $100,032.00

GEARY DEBRA Elementary Principal$121,349.53

GREEN JUDI General Manager Northwestern Ontario Student Services Consortium $110,424.57

GRINDROD STEPHEN Principal of Mikinaak Onigaming School $111,399.93

HODGKINSON RICHARD Alternative Learning & Managing Information for Student Achievement Coordinator $108,110.48

HRON CARYL Sup. of Education $147,984.98

JACKSON TERI Elem. Vice-Principal $108,110.48

KANTOLA JOAN Sup. of Education $130,783.32

LACY CHRISTOPHER Secondary Teacher $119,960.65

LALONDE SYRENA Elementary Principal$122,245.93

LINDSTROM TRACY Curriculum Coordinator $108,110.48

MARTONE SANDRA Sec. Vice-Principal $108,110.48

MCAUGHEY LYNN Elem. Principal $122,245.93

MCCONNACHIE KATHY Sec. Principal $121,148.54

MCDONALD JASON Elem. Principal $112,067.04

MCMASTER JENNIFER Sec. Vice-Principal $104,919.92

MCMASTER JOHN Director of Education $115,461.50

MERCER WAYNE Sec. Vice-Principal $112,114.71

MITANI OBERG TANIS Elem. Principal $117,760.31

MONTEITH SEAN Director of Education $171,416.37

MOORE CHANTAL Sec. Principal $122,245.93

MUTCH HEATHER Elem. Principal $122,245.93

MUTRIE GAYLE Elem. Vice-Principal $107,908.58

O’FLAHERTY EVELINE Sec. Vice-Principal $108,527.90

O’FLAHERTY KATHLEEN Finance Manager $108,527.90

OLSEN JENNIFER Elem. Principal $115,957.41

PACHECO DEANNA Elem. Principal $122,245.93

PACHECO HUMBERTO Tech. Administrator $122,245.93

POLING STEVEN Sec. Principal $120,343.65

SCHMUCKER DEL Info. Systems Man. $108,526.90

SCHOLLIE KELLY Elem. Vice-Principal $108,110.48

SIDOR ELIZABETH Elem.Principal $122,245.93

ST. HILAIRE SHELLEY Safe & Supportive Schools Lead Principal/Special Education $121,349.53

ST. JULES DORIS Elem. Principal $121,394.98

TRESOOR DAVID Secondary Teacher $104,987.49

VANDIEST BARBARA Elem. Vice-Principal $107,475.02

YAKIWCHUK AILEEN Secondary Principal $121,349.53

Northwest District Catholic School Board

ANDERSON KIM Principal $110,629.01

FEJOS-ROUSSEAU DARLENE Principal $116,228.18

FRYER RONALD Principal $112,831.32

HOWARTH CHRISTOPHER Sup. of Business $141,437.21

HYATT BRENDAN Principal/Student

Success Lead $121,956.41

KELLY MARY-CATHERINE Director of Education $137,104.99

LUGLI MARK Principal $116,228.18

MACLELLAN SUSAN Principal $112,890.69

MALTAIS DANIEL Teacher $100,059.70

QUEREL JO-ANN Assistant to the Superintendent of Education $127,123.17

RATHWELL JENNIFER Vice-Principal $104,564.33

SAARI MARGOT Sup. of Education $135,838.15

VINCZEFFY PATRICIA Vice-Principal $105,653.47

Legislative Assembly

CAMPBELL SARAH MPP Kenora/Rainy River $116,550

Kenora Rainy River Child and Family Services

JOHNSON BILL Director of Finance $107,381.44

KASTRUKOFF VINCE Director of Services $105,535.74

LEONARD BILL Executive Director $157,230.25

MARGINET CARMEN Director of Services $102,681.63

MOODY CARMEN Supervisor $110,005.60

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