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Students underdressed for cold, say bus drivers

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.

By Dryden Observer Staff

The region’s school bus provider is asking parents to pull rank on kids’ fashion sense during a prolonged cold snap in the name of safety.

Northwestern Ontario Student Services Consortium’s Judi Green is urging parents to make sure students are outfitted with proper winter clothing after drivers have reported older adolescent students boarding the bus without mitts and wearing little more than hooded sweatshirts.

“If the bus were ever to break down, or if heat is lost, the buses cool down very quickly,” said Green. “Spares are normally immediately dispatched, however depending on where the bus might be having difficulty, there could be a wait.”

Green adds if parents are without the means to ensure their child has warm winter clothing, they can contact the Northwestern Ontario Student Services Consortium who will put them in touch with organizations who may be of assistance.

Bus incident near Eagle River

During a routine scheduled stop on Hwy 17 near Eagle River, a loaded school bus experienced a close call. The school bus was heading east and three vehicles travelling west were safely stopped and adhering to the flashing red lights.

A fourth vehicle also travelling west, could not safely stop and hit the ditch on the south side of the highway in front of the school bus. All students were unharmed and there wasn’t any contact between the flatbed trailer and the school bus. The school bus driver is credited for his quick thinking in putting the school bus in reverse in an effort to avert the oncoming vehicle knowing he could safely do so.

As well, a Dryden High School student quickly came to the aid of the school bus driver and assisted as he had been trained during the recent enroute drill training. Families of students on board have been contacted as well as school staff have followed up with each student as a precaution. The OPP are investigating.


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