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Why you should adopt a black cat

by Sarah Hosick Ever wondered why they are so tough to adopt?

Walk into any animal shelter in North America and you will be bombarded by the sheer number of cats who are in need of a home. It doesn’t matter if you are in a metropolitan city or in a rural area, just about anywhere there are people, there are cats to match. Once you get over the initial shock – some shelters have up to 300 cats in their care – you will likely notice a trend: black cats. On average, black cats have to wait one and a half to two times longer to get a home than any other colour of cat. Whyis this? Sadly, it’s often simply due to their colouring.





Overlooked for cats with unusual markings or different colours, black cats have it tough because for many, they aren’t “pretty” enough. They are the colour of mourning, sadness and depression, but are far from those things! Black cats are full of zest for life and if you take the time, you’ll see it in their striking amber or green eyes.

Discrimination towards black cats is not new, in fact, much of the problem dates back to the Middle Ages when cats found their way to Europe as a means of controlling rodents on ships. Though they were initially valued as hunters, their close association with polytheistic religions was a cause for concern within the Christian and Catholic churches. During this time period, cats – and black cats in particular – were considered to be the cohorts of witches. Still do this day, black cats are linked with Friday the 13th and superstitions; if you’ve ever been told that if a black cat crosses your path, it’s bad luck, you’ve experienced part of the problem first-hand.

It hasn’t always been this way, however. Around 3,600 years ago, the Egyptians revered cats for their prowess and hunting skills. Villagers left table scraps outside of their homes in order to keep local cats around because in turn, the cats would hunt mice and other rodents, keeping them out of the stores of grains. In short time, cats gained protection by Egyptian law and were often pictured with gods and deities.

      Why black cats are a great addition to any home:

      1. They go with everything. No worry about  your cat

matching your furniture or home decor.

It is a  shade; black is truly versatile.

2.   Black cats are born wearing a stealthy ninja suit.

3. Cat hair on your clothes? No problem! See #1 regarding black being a shade.

4. Any colour in a collar will look smart and sophisticated on a black cat.

5. Black cats have the same amount of love to give as any other colour cat and are equally as deserving.

If you think you are ready to open your heart, home and wardrobe to a black cat, visit your local animal shelter today – they’ll be there waiting for someone just like you.

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