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CBC hoping to feature Dryden on new television show

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Story by Lindsey Enns

CBC is busy traveling and searching across Canada for the most fun places according to kids for a new television show that could possibly be showcasing Dryden as a great destination to stop during their cross-country tour.

“After some research we came across Dryden and we thought that it would be a great candidate for the show,” Kevin Coughlin, researcher and coordinator for Cross-Country Fun Hunt said.

Crews are currently road tripping across Canada and filming the first season of the soon to be new television show, Cross-Country Fun Hunt. Coughlin explains that the concept behind the show will be geared towards showing kids ages nine to 16 some of the most interesting and fun places in Canada.

“This show will be a great way to showcase a town and get kids involved.”

In order for a city or town to get on CBC’s radar, children under the age of 16 will have to go online at and vote for their own town, upload pictures and explain why their town should be featured on the show. Eligible voters will be given their own username and password and will be able to vote for other places while putting their own community on the map.

“It will be a great way for kids to see what other kids are up to and what they do for fun across the country,” Coughlin added. “The show will be very interactive and kids will be able to track where the show is being filmed as well as the voting process all online.”

Coughlin says that they are hoping to hit nearly 25 cities during filming for the first season and so far they have filmed in BC and Alberta.

“We hope that this show will provide us with more insight into how much influence a community or hometown has on a child,” he said.

CBC also plans to go to Saskatchewan, Ottawa, and Toronto and is hoping that lots of votes will come in for smaller communities in northern Ontario.

“I used to plant trees in Dryden so I am kind of biased in that way,” Coughlin said.

As of yet, no submissions have come in from northern Ontario so Coughlin says that chances are pretty good that Dryden has the potential to be selected. He encourages children living in the area to get online and vote as soon as possible as they are already on the road filming. For more information you can head

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