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All fitness levels welcomed at new fitness boot camp

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Meet the your boot camp trainer, Marley Tresoor, pictured above who says that she likes to mix up her workouts and keep things interesting. Photo by Hope Murdick

Story by Hope Murdick

Marley Tresoor of Dryden is busy training men and women of all shapes and sizes with her full body conditioning routines during her fitness boot camp classes at Sandy Beach Park.

“My classes are designed for all fitness levels, whether someone is an experienced athlete, or just looking to make a change in their life after never working out before,” Tresoor said. “All different fitness levels are incorporated into one class, no one will ever feel left behind or that they’re holding anyone back. If anyone ever needs a modification to an exercise because of an injury or their fitness level, I can give them that.”

Growing up, Tresoor described herself as always being an active person and during her university career even saw a personal trainer but found it hard to motivate herself on her own.

“I loved having a personal trainer, they really motivated me to work out. After I finished with my personal trainer, however, I found it incredibly difficult to motivate myself to work out anymore which made me upset and anxious.”

Knowing she had to figure out something new to keep active, Tresoor decided to join a fitness boot camp.

“Boot camp really changed things for me, I just loved it. I loved the challenge it brought and the group atmosphere was very motivating for me. It changed the way I looked at fitness and allowed me to actually enjoy some aspects of fitness I had never liked before, such as running, I had never been a strong runner but boot camp changed that.”

When Tresoor moved from Ottawa to Dryden, she realized there was not a boot camp program here and decided to create one herself.

“I took courses with CanFitPro in Winnipeg and became certified to teach the boot camp courses. After this I did a bit of consumer research over Facebook to see what kind of a response I could anticipate and if people even wanted a boot camp in Dryden. I received lots of amazing feedback so I created a business plan, organized the whole thing, picked a location and made up a schedule. I also created a Facebook group, Dryden Fitness Boot Camp and put ads up around town.”

Classes take place nine times a week with five time slots on Monday through Friday mornings from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. and on Monday through Thursday evenings from 5:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. Each class works out to be roughly $8.00 each but when you sign up for class packages you get a discount.

“The first course I did was a six week course, working out three days per week. My goal was for the workouts is to be realistic and not intimidating. Working out for an hour three days per week is doable for most people.”

The workouts are centered around body weight exercises, meaning no equipment or weights are used, it’s your own body that you’re lifting, moving and working out with. The workouts are designed to engage a balance between cardiovascular exercises to build endurance and muscle training to tone the body and improve one’s metabolism.

“The workouts isolate different areas of focus such as upper body and lower body – I make sure we never do the same workout twice, it’s good to keep things diverse and interesting,” Tresoor said. “I don’t want anyone to get bored during their fitness routine. Most people in my classes are concerned with weight loss so I have tried to build a program which will help people shed pounds. I want to help people improve themselves to the best of their ability, both while they’re with me and while they’re at home.”

If you would like to sign up for Tresoor’s fitness boot camp you can email her at drydenfitnessbootcamp@ or find her on Facebook at Dryden Fitness Bootcamp.

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