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Garden Showcase returning to Dryden

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Just one of the many gorgeous flowers that blooms in Gary and Marg Calvin's yard. The couple was nominated in the Garden Showcase last year and won second place for their beautifully landscaped yard right here in Dryden. Photo by Hope Murdick.

Story by Lindsey Enns

The Dryden and District Horticultural Society is encouraging gardeners from Eagle River to Wabigoon to nominate themselves and others in the annual Showcase of Gardens event by July 21 in order to win prizes and show off all of the hard work put into beautifying your yard and the rest of the community.

“This is an event trying to promote gardening in the area,” Sharon Spalding, member of the Dryden and District Horticultural Society and event organizer said.

“There are a lot of nice gardens in the area and nice landscaped yards that don’t have to have an abundance of flowers and shrubs.”

This year Spalding said that they have changed up the two categories so that more people can get involved and participate. The first category will take into consideration the entire yard including things like flowers, water features and ways of combating the deer if necessary. Spalding suggests putting black netting on top of exposed areas as well as putting deer repellent in an old tuna can and hiding it under bushes or shrubs.

“It’s the smell of it that really drives the deer away and when the repellent is covered it doesn’t get washed off,” she said.

The second category will look at smaller featured areas in your yard that may include an entranceway, deck or just a small area that has been fixed up. In both categories judges will also look at ways gardeners are using good environmental practices like composting and rain barrels. Spalding says that this event is a great way of showcasing all of your hard work to people living outside the community.

“Every year we have guided tours of gardens and we are hoping to use some of this year’s winners for the tours,” she said.

There will be prizes for first, second and third place in each category. Prizes will include gift certificates for local greenhouses or a one-year membership to the Dryden and District Horticultural Society. Spalding says that this event is a great way for the group to get more insight into the different gardens in the area.

“It gives us pride in our community when we have tourism and stuff coming in and it helps beautify the yard.” said Spalding.

To nominate yourself or someone else, you can call Sharon at 223-6576 or e-mail at

Below are some examples of the beautiful flowers blooming in the Calvin’s yard right here in Dryden. All photos taken by Hope Murdick.

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