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Local students rally together in support of anti-bullying campaign

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By Lindsey Enns 

This Friday Dryden will be covered in pink on behalf of Pink Day, the anti-bullying campaign and students from local schools are hoping that the community will get involved and show their support.

“Kids get bullied at each one of our schools so we need to start teaching them that accepting everyone’s differences is important especially as demographics in our community are always changing,” Patty Lyle, Keewatin Patricia District School Board student counselor said. “We want to celebrate that we are all unique in our own way and it’s okay to be different.”

The idea behind Pink Day began in Nova Scotia after two students encouraged their peers to wear pink to school to help another peer who was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. As a way of showing their support, students from the Dryden High School will be sipping on pink lemonade, snacking on pink popcorn, painting pink fingernails while wearing pink. Lyle hopes that getting the students involved will help teach them a valuable life lesson.

“We want students to learn that they shouldn’t jump to conclusions based on what people look like on the outside but instead get to know them on the inside.”

Lyle says that if you are being bullied that you should talk to someone you trust and that resources are always available at their school.

“They need to speak up because no one should be treated unfairly and bullies need to be stopped.”

Students at New Prospect School will also be painting pink fingernails for $2 and will be donating the proceeds. Students from Open Roads School will be decorating their classroom doors with quotes of acceptance, making signs and going on a walk. Grade seven student Elisha Morrissette is on the school’s planning committee and knows all too well about the effects of bullying.

“It’s not easy to ignore but if you can you should do your best to ignore it,” Morrissette said. “It’s best just to walk away from it and find a group of friends to help cheer you up.”

For more information about Pink Day and how you can show your support you can visit

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