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Linnea Salte performs in Dryden

Linnea Salte belts it out last night at Dryden Full Gospel Church.

Story and photos by Lindsey Enns 

Singer and songwriter Linnea Salte performed at the Dryden Full Gospel Church last night, but not before spending the afternoon around town.

Some of her Tweets yesterday read, “Walking on Dryden’s Suspension Bridge,” and “Playing mini golf in Dryden. Excited for tonight’s concert.”

On Twitter, she describes her sound as being a mixture of Kelly Clarkson with the artistic pop of Feist, Sara Bareilles and Coldplay. Her description couldn’t be more accurate. Her powerhouse voice and soulful melodies had the crowd on their feet for most of the show.

“You can stand on your feet if you like but you might be standing for a long time,” she told the crowd midway though her set.

On her website,, she says that being surrounded by musical talent all of her life is what lead her to where she is now, singing her way across North America. Her father, Arlen Salte, sold over ¼ of million albums and owned an independent record label. She started playing the piano at the age of three and incorporated lots of that into her show last night.

Salte calls on the audience for a little help during one of her songs. Keith McEwan and his daughter Emma McEwan.

After lending her vocal talent to over ten albums, she decided that she wanted to reach more people with her music so she started recording her own solo album entitled, Pocket Full of Posies.

“I want the songs that I write to challenge and excite people. For me, music is just a doorway to see my world changed,” she said about her music on her website.

“This album is very vulnerable. I write about what is at the core of my heart.”

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