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OPP hoping for a safe summer

Photo by Chris Marchand

By Lindsey Enns 

So it’s almost that time of year again.

This week the OPP will be reviewing a few of the summer activities that we all like to part take in order to ensure that everybody has a safe and enjoyable summer.

Whether you are boating, riding quads, cycling, rollerblading or swimming, the OPP would like to make sure that you are doing your best to keep yourself and those around you out of harms way.

In a press releases being issued this week, the OPP has been outlining some useful information in regards to outdoor activities.

For instance, when walking to and from school, they suggest using sidewalks, if there aren’t any be sure to walk facing traffic flow. Children should not talk to strangers if approached and tell a parent or teacher immediately.

While skateboarding or roller-skating be sure to respect others and share sidewalks. Don’t skateboard or rollerblade in the middle of the road and helmets are always a safe bet.

When driving through school zones, be alert of activities and the children in the area and remember that fines are increased in these areas. Children should be cautious around motorists as well when playing near roadways. Most importantly, expect the unexpected and be aware of school buses.

In regards to quads and off road vehicles operated on roadways, the OPP wants you to know that you they must be operated on the shoulder of the highway without passing any other vehicle. Speed limit should be keep to 20 kph where highway speed is 50 kph or less and 50 kph where the speed limit is anywhere over 50 kph. Off road vehicles are not to be operated in construction zones, on closed highways, on highway 17 or 17a or within a Provincial Park unless the driver has be given permission by park staff. The driver must always be wearing a helmet, have a minimum G2 license, valid registration and insurance. Even if the off road vehicle can hold to passengers, only one is permitted.

These are just a few tips to help you have a safe and enjoyable summer!

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