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Earth Day campaign wants you to grow a giant pumpkin

2012 Dryden Leadership Team pictured from left to right: Brenda Schmucker, Carmelle Noiseux, Jennifer MacNeil, Mihaela Leutschaft, Reagan Breeze and Susan Lappage

By Lindsey Enns 

Hundreds of giant pumpkins might soon be calling Dryden home. Today marks the official launch of the Be Green Grow Orange Earth Day awareness campaign set forth by the 2012 Leadership Dryden team.

“We aren’t getting anything out of this. Once we launch today it’s up to the community to continue this initiative,” Reagan Breeze said.

Today the team will be handing out pamphlets across the city, which include useful information about going green and public links to local resources that can help. Attached to these pamphlets is a small package of Atlantic giant pumpkin seeds that can grow up to 1818.5 lbs and inside one of the seed packages is a prize coupon. There are two seeds per pack and nearly 1,446 seeds in total are being handed out.

“This initiative is fun, entertaining and it brings people together while recognizing Earth Day, something that we can’t talk about enough.” Susan Lappage said.

This year, the Leadership Team tried to keep the project locally focused and something that the community would be able to manage on their own.

“We see the problems surrounding the environment as a big thing, but it’s the little projects like these that matter,” Jennifer MacNeil said.

Normally the team consists of 12 members, but this year the team only has six. They started planning for this day two months ago and are looking forward to seeing how the community reacts and if they will stay involved and participate. So far all of the feedback from local businesses, schools and churches has been positive.

“We are hoping that people in the community will want to grow these pumpkins on their own without our help,” Lappage said.

For more information you can visit their Facebook page, Gro Orange or call Reagan Breeze directly at 223-1176.

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