Wabigoon close to matching 2010’s record breaking ice-out date

It seemed to happen so fast that no one had a chance to start an office pool.

The above scene, photographed from Flat Rock Park near Sandy Beach, Easter Sunday, April 8, shows lake ice crashing up on the shores of Picnic Island, powered by northwesterly winds. Some lakeshore residents anticipate the lake could be ice-free as early as April 12, just missing 2010’s record-breaking date of April 10 — the earliest ice-out on Wabigoon (according to local source Garth Wintle). Wintle has amassed a recorded history of ice-out dates, as visible from both Dryden and Wabigoon, that date back to 1937. Check it out at www.wintle.on.ca

Wabigoon Lake has remained ice-bound as late as May 24 (1950) and commonly goes out in the first or second week of May.

Photos by Chris Marchand

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