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Bird Droppings: The Sea of Tranquility

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The full moon rose fat and placid looking behind wispy clouds on Good Friday. We were on our way back from Kenora. On every stretch of highway that pointed southeast the moon was directly in front of us. The “seas” were especially dark blue that night.

I thought about the Sea of Tranquility and how useless it is on the moon when we really need a Sea of Tranquility on Earth. Picture a warm sea with pink coral and rainbow coloured fish ringed by long white sand beaches; what the Caribbean could be without drugrunner ships, pollution and tinpot dictatorships.

The Earth’s Sea of Tranquility would be a place where anyone could go for a vacation with no fear that someone would bomb their resort. There would be no warring countries on its shores or countries in a civil war. The sea would have no pirates, oil rigs, whaling ships or factory trawlers scraping every fish off the seabed. If it was an inland sea it wouldn’t be drying up like the Aral and Dead seas are because their rivers are diverted for irrigating crops.

Most wars for the last 2,000 years, and now, have been between Christians, Jews and Muslims that all say they worship God and follow the ten commandments. The Israelis are going to start a war against Iran, maybe they are waiting until after Passover which is the same weekend as Easter. The (Muslim) Syrian army killed hundreds of their own citizens last weekend. The Easter weekend seemed like a good time to dream about a Sea of Tranquility on Earth where it would do some good.

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