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City to release DMTS financials early next week

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.

By Chris Marchand

Concerned taxpayers will soon get what they’ve long been calling for — a chance to look at the financial picture of the Dryden’s Municipal Telephone Service and Mobility Division.

And it’s not likely to be a pretty picture.

After receiving a presentation of the DMTS and Dryden Mobility 2011 Draft Financial Statement from BDO Dunwoody’s Donald Yurkiw at a special meeting of council, March 29, Finance Committee chair, councillor Martin MacKinnon, announced the city would make the accountant’s final report available to the public on the city’s website early next week.

“There will be some shocking numbers there, but it’s time the public sees those numbers and we’ll go from there,” said MacKinnon. “At this point in time we’re considering all of our options with the company.”

MacKinnon says the decision to take the numbers public was a long-debated issue in closed sessions.

“It came to be over a year-and-half of discussion amongst council members over protecting the asset,” said MacKinnon. “We’ve reached a point in time where we could no longer prevent the public from seeing those numbers.”

Mayor Craig Nuttall says he thinks this is the proper direction.

“We represent the taxpayers and the taxpayers should know. Here’s our problem and here’s what happening,” said Nuttall. “Within a week, people should the statements and exactly where we are with DMTS.”


3 thoughts on “City to release DMTS financials early next week

  1. DMTS is a “liability” that PAYS over one million dollars per year to the City. I’d like to have a personal “liability” like that! As Carl says – DMTS is NOT a “cell phone” company. Mobility is only one part of the whole picture. And depending what the numbers tell us, MAYBE it’s one part that needs to go. Who knows.

    What I do know is that I have had a ridiculously low number of problems with my service (land, internet, and two cells) over the last three years. The Thunder Bay guys aren’t perfect either – and their costs are significantly more. Yes, a lot of money has been spent to build out the network. Those towers, and all that equipment, are NOT free. Any company investing in infrastructure is going to show massive losses in the fiscal years they make those investments.

    What I’m more curious about is if the company that provided the initial equipment that did not deliver what was promised is being held responsible for their failure. There should be recourse for DMTS if the equipment purchased did NOT perform as promised. Kind of like if I buy a new car, and they tell me it can travel 100km/h on the highway, but it can only drive 60km/h in reverse … there would be some legal recourse to recover the cost of said vehicle.

    It’s not a simple cut and dried issue. And I certainly hope our City officials don’t treat it like one.

  2. Lindsay,

    I must say, you are either miss-informed, or just outright have no idea what you are talking about. DMTS is an asset to the community and provides jobs, revenue, and business opportunities to Dryden and the surrounding region. If you think for one second that DMTS is just a mobility company. Let me tell you; you are wrong. It is thinking like yours that has pigeon-holed Dryden into the state it is today. Open your eyes. Granted the financial state of the company is in question, however what about partnerships? Do we really need to sell? Maybe if more Drydenites supported the local business, the finances would be different. Who knows? If you ask me, the City of Dryden is utilizing DMTS as a scapegoat for other issues related to their finances on a much larger scale. So, before you reply with statements regarding a dropped call or missed text, please save it. Thanks.

  3. “It came to be over a year-and-half of discussion amongst council members over protecting the asset,” said MacKinnon

    I do not see DMTS as an asset, more of a liability. Hoping some day it is realized that we need to join the rest of the country and provide a mobil service that anyone can access, considering we are located right on HWY 17, travellers need service, and hit a dead zone as soon as they get here, not to mention the quality of service if you live in a rural part of Dryden, not happy with this company and think that there are better options for our community.

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