Dryden Police respond to ‘door wars’ at DHS

(Submitted by Dryden Police Service)

On Wednesday March 7th the Dryden Police were requested by the staff of the Dryden High School (DHS) to be present at the end of the day to deter any acts of violence. The Dryden High School had received information that there were individuals in the school attempting to instigate fights amongst the students. The staff had dealt with a minor altercation earlier in the day. Police had received similar information that inferred the fights may be racially-based. On Thursday March 8th the Dryden Police Service were asked to assist the DHS staff again.

They had additional information that there was still going to be a fight that could involve several students and it was being referred to as The Door Wars and inferred racial undertones. DHS staff informed the police that they had received several calls from concerned parents who were keeping their children home from school as they did not feel safe.

A preliminary investigation by the police with DHS staff determined that the incidents were not race based and are related to a prior incident(s) off of school property. The Dryden Police Service attended the school throughout the day to deter any acts of violence. Several classes were educated by Chief of Police Rob Davis that because the issue was a public safety issue – the Dryden Police Service was now involved. He asserted that the will be zero tolerance for anybody engaging in acts of violence or inciting acts of violence. He stressed that school should be a place for all people regardless of their race, culture, religion, etc. to feel safe and to get an education. He reminded the students that should they choose to engage in acts of violence or incite acts of violence that they will be arrested and charged appropriately regardless of their diversity.

“Once this issue treaded into the realm of students fearing the safety and parents fearing for the safety of their children – it became a police issue. I maintain that the Dryden Police Service is committed to keeping the City safe for all people regardless of their diversity. I was very blunt with the students that we cannot and will not tolerate this in our City”.

Davis applauds the staff of DHS for involving the police when it did so that the issue could be addressed before anybody was injured.

We are urging the public to contact police should they have any information pertaining to any unsolved crime. Should they wish to remain anonymous and be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2000.00 if their information helps solve a crime, they can anonymously contact Crime Stoppers at www.tipshelp.com, 1-800-222-TIPS or by texting “tip262 and their information” to CRIMES (274637).


3 comments on “Dryden Police respond to ‘door wars’ at DHS

  1. NicoleK

    I called the school this morning to voice my concern and was told “Facebook is a community of rumors, There is no ‘Door Wars’ goin on here!
    We do however have the police monitoring at lunch and after school, as prior to every holiday the kids get cabin fever!”

    So much for a rumor!


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