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Skating races back with a bang

The newly revived KPDSB?Skating Races held on Feb. 17 at the Dryden Arena, saw hundreds of kids competing, cheering on their favourite skaters, and helping out their friends.
Teams included St. Joseph’s (SJ), Open Roads (OR), New Prospect (NP) and Team United (TU) which consisted of the Full Gospel Christian Academy, Migisi, Wabigoon, Ecole Catholique de l’enfant Jesus and Lillian Berg.
The overall winning results were 65 for SJ, 41 for OR, 31 for NP and 8 for TU.
Winners for the boys intermediate relay were Ryan Shapland, Callan Fedorchuk, Nick Goldrup and Liam Wrolstad of SJ.
Winners for the girls intermediate relay from OR  were Sidney Allen, Alex Jolicoeur, Jess Carter and Monica Tourond.
Open Roads also took the boys junior relay including Cale Oberg, Sam Brunton, Mason Desautels, and Nicholes Peters.
In the junior girls relay, OR once again saw the first place prize, with skaters Lindy Leclerc, Payton Zilkalns, Maddie MacDonald, and Payton Boyko.
The endurance races for the boys saw Zach Lugli of SJ take first place, and Leah Balla of NP took first for the girls.
Individual races were as follows:
Age 14 Girls (2 Laps)
1st-Dara Zieroth, SJ
2nd-Leah Balla
Age 13 Girls (2 Laps)
1st-Leah Balla, NP
2nd-Sydney Allen, OR
3rd-Dara Zieroth, SJ
Age 13 Boys (2 Laps)
1st-Zach Lugli, SJ
2nd-Mitchell Mawby, NP
3rd-Jacob Bilous, OR
Age 12 Girls (2 Laps)
1st-Leah Balla, NP
2nd-Jess Carter, OR
3rd-Payton Boyko
Age 12 Boys (2?Laps)
1st-Cale Oberg, OR
2nd-Ryan Shapland, SJ
3rd-Mike Braun, NP
Age 11 Girls (2 Laps)
1st-Payton Boyko, OR
2nd-Lindy Leclerc, OR
3rd-Mandy Tourond, TU
Age 11 Boys (2 Laps)
1st-Cale Oberg, OR
2nd-Jacob Lugli, SJ
3rd-Aiden Bibeau, SJ
Age 10 Girls (1 Lap)
1st-Kiya Fenwick, SJ
2nd-Camryn Dayman, SJ
3rd-Mandy Tourond, TU
Age 10 Boys (1 Lap)
1st-Cale Oberg, OR
2nd-Jacob Lugli, SJ
3rd-Aiden Bibeau, SJ
Age 9 Girls (1 Lap)
1st-Camryn Dayman, SJ
2nd-Kiya Fenwick, SJ
3rd-Paige Silander, NP
Age 9 Boys (1 Lap)
1st-Carter Armstrong, OR
2nd-Liam Jones, SJ
3rd-Peter Zilkalns, OR
Age 8 Girls (1 Lap)
1st-Camryn Dayman, SJ
2nd-Julia Jones, SJ
3rd-Brynn Montgomery, SJ
Age 8 Boys (1 Lap)
1st-Liam Jones, SJ
2nd-Peter Zilkalns, OR
3rd-Walker Hazelwood, SJ
Age 7 Girls (1 Length)
1st-Ava Hatch, SJ
2nd-Riah Compardo, SJ
3rd-Marlee Jetson, NP
Age 7 Boys (1 Length)
1st-Peter Zilkalns, OR
2nd-Brandon Gustafson, SJ
3rd-Chase Argue, SJ
Age 6 Girls (1 Length)
1st-Riah Compardo, SJ
2nd-Miya West, NP
3rd-Danielle Anderson, TU
Age 6 Boys (1 Length)
1st-Brandon Gustafson, SJ
2nd-Teegan Szachury, SJ
3rd-Jaden Rafter, NP
Age 5 Girls (1 Length)
1st-Courtney Reimer, TU
Age 5 Boys (1 Length)
1st-Trey Delaronde, NP
First place winners were awarded three points, two points for second place and one point for third place.  Races were sponsored by KPDSB, the city, Hutchison Bus Lines and Dairy Queen

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