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KDSB looking at EMS numbers

By Ally Dunham
Following issues facing ambulance service, and the need for more information as well as proper reporting, Kenora District Services Board (KDSB) who operates Northwest EMS, has initiated an ambulance study to attempt to achieve proper reporting structures.
“The EMS study is just to analyze our calls over the last two operating years, 2010 and 2011, just to find out the disbursement of the calls, the types of calls, and to validate whether our resources are being deployed in the proper areas in the region,” said Dan McNeill, Chief Administrative Officer of KDSB.
“We’re obligated to register a response time with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and as a result of this, we hope to establish what that baseline response time will be, but until we analyze the data, it’s a very tough thing to do,” said McNeill.  “We will have a report coming by fall.”
McNeill says the primary issues in Kenora are the transfers to Winnipeg, and how they are categorized.
“Those are categorized as an emergent or a non-emergent.  If they are a non-emergent transfer, that’s a 100 per cent hospital responsibility from a financial perspective, and we’re trying to identify those and try to clarify that with the hospitals,” said McNeill.
Members of Machin have recently requested KDSB look into an ambulance base in the Vermilion Bay area.
“The issue in Vermilion Bay is deployment of a base and we’ve had input from DOKURA (District of Kenora Unincorporated Ratepayers Association) to say that we should be constructing a base in Vermilion Bay and this study will help us identify the issues there.”

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