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Hospital publishes contract details of executive staff

By Dryden Observer Staff
Following suit with hospitals across the province, Dryden Regional Health Centre (DRHC) has recently published the details of their contracts with executive staff.
While DRHC salary details were previously available on the province’s annual Public Sector Salary Disclosure List, also known as the Sunshine List, the hospital now publishes the full details of executive compensation, including allowances and expense reports. The information can be viewed DRHC’s website under ‘public reports’ at
DRHC Board Chair Doug Robinson says quality leadership requires appropriate compensation.
“It is worth pointing out that appropriate compensation is a key element in attracting and retaining the kind of leaders that we need in the Dryden area,” said Robinson. “We need strong and effective leadership in order to ensure that we can continue to provide high quality and accessible health services. We are proud to be able to provide a number of innovative services and access that is truly remarkable given our size and isolated geography.”
DRHC’s CEO Wade Petranik earns $177,000. Senior Vice-President – Patient Care and Chief Nursing Executive Darlene Furlong and Vice President of Corporate Services Robert van Oort both earn salaries in the neighbourhood of $115,000. DRHC’s three Administrative Directors: Siobain Moore (Workplace Culture and Organizational Health), Grant Rowson (Financial Services and Information Technology), and Doreen Armstrong-Ross (Service Quality) earn an average salary of approximately $93,000.
Robinson adds that under its present leadership, DRHC has been recognized as a leader among small hospitals in Ontario.
“Our hospital has benefited from the strong leadership provided by our executive team” said Robinson. “Having among the lowest provincial wait times for emergency room services, hip and knee replacements and colonoscopies. We also have very low hospital acquired infection rates.”
Last year the Dryden Regional Health Centre was fully accredited by Accreditation Canada and recognized for its leading practice in assisting patients in accessing the services they need. The organization scored a remarkable 98.5 per cent and met all of the required organizational practices. More recently, the organization was recognized for achieving bronze level distinction in the provincial Quality Healthcare Workplace Awards; the only small hospital in Northwestern Ontario to receive this award.
“ It is our hope that proactively disclosing our executive contracts demonstrates the Dryden Regional Health Centre’s resolve to be transparent and accountable. This is just one way that we can maintain and continue to strengthen an open, honest, and trusting relationship with the communities that we serve.”
DRHC is inviting further comment from the public. Persons interested in more information or to offer a comment may contact Mr. Doug Robinson, Chair of the Board of Directors at 223-8249 or by e-mail c/o of Ms. Kim Vares, Manager Corporate Communications and Administrative Services –

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