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Mike Wood resigns from Dryden City Council

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.
City councillor Mike Wood, announced his resignation at a Dec. 19 meeting of city council. Observer File photo

By Ally Dunham

Councillor Mike Wood announced his official resignation from the city board at the Regular Meeting of Council on Dec. 19.

January 21, 2012 will mark the end of his five years on council and although Wood says this is what is best for him, it was not an easy step to take.

“I didn’t think it would be this hard,” said an emotional Wood while making his announcement to council and staff.

“I’ve thought about this long and hard. I thought about it in June, in September and I thought about it a couple weeks ago,” said Wood. “You need to do it, everybody needs to do it, you need to stop, take a look at where you are, what they’re doing, and ask, is it the right thing?”

Wood says challenges on council are huge, along with everywhere in the community and worries about the burden of his resignation within the city.

“It doesn’t rest on the shoulders of one person, it rests on council. That’s why people have a council, with a number of differing opinions,” said Wood. “What do I do? I take a look at what’s the highest and best investment of my time. I’ve got kids who are coming into their high school years, and I think, can I still do this? I can, but what quality do I want in my family. How much time will this take up, and more importantly, what will it do to me?”

Wood says he does not get the satisfaction or the energizing that he used to get out of being a member of council, and feels his life is much better suited at this time, with his passion of coaching.

“Five minutes of coaching is off the charts fun. This means I can spend five more minutes with my family, five more minutes coaching, or five minutes sitting on the couch collecting myself so I can be better at the next thing I do,” said Wood.

Wood has remained one of the biggest supporters in the city looking at retaining DMTS. He has faith in the newly created Retain and Growth Strategy, to allow DMTS to remain on its present course without his commitment.

Wood says DMTS and the city should continue to act on the business plan, as it’s straightforward, and capitalize on the prosperity that the city needs.

“What kind of skills do you need to be elected? You need to get the votes, you don’t have to have a skill set,” said Wood. “These kinds of decisions, whether it’s DMTS, whether it’s something else, these are big decisions that affect the community, that affect the quality of life. People maybe don’t understand the gravity of the things that need to be dealt with.”

Wood says his career in politics is done, and will continue to contribute to the community in other ways.

“I’m not walking away, I’m taking my skill set and if I can improve the lives of kids, through coaching, through mentoring, through helping them get through pretty crappy times, if I can help them have a more stable experience in their formative years, wow. What better way to contribute to the community,” said Wood.

The city of Dryden will now have a choice to make with either a by-election or the replacement of Wood with an appointment done by council.

Acting clerk, Debra Kincaid and mayor Craig Nuttall are to begin discussions immediately on the city’s course of action.


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