News — 22 November 2011
New doctor joins Dingwall Clinic

Kory Jollymore and wife Julianne sport a pair of antlers, a gift to welcome them to the north.

By Ally Dunham

The Dingwall Medical Clinic has seen a new addition this past week of another full time doctor. Dr. Kory Jollymore joined the ranks on Wed., Nov. 16.

Originally from a small, rural community in the centre of Nova Scotia, Jollymore started his medical training in Halifax through Dalhousie, and residency training out of Thunder Bay.

“Through my program in Thunder Bay, I practiced and trained in a large number of small communities and after graduating there, spent some time locuming in the north as well as working out of Sioux Lookout,” said Jollymore. “After that I did some further work out of Nova Scotia.”

Meeting his wife Julianne in Sioux Lookout, who is originally a Dryden girl, the family decided to relocate back to the north.

“We both love it up here, are very outdoors oriented individuals and enjoy the non-work related aspect to the north,” said Jollymore.

Jollymore will be focusing his time as a family physician, but would like to expand his practice further into palliative care.

“I’m looking in the near future to develop that aspect of my practice as well, perhaps in coordination with the Thunder Bay program. There are a number of physicians that I worked with there, when I was training, and it would be great if I could develop a kind of satellite practice in regards to palliative care. I haven’t contacted them yet, but there seems to be some interest around the area in doing this,” said Jollymore.

The new doctor says he also enjoys doing surgical assists, in-patient care, and has plans to incorporate some emergency work as well.

“My wife’s family is from Dryden originally, and we wanted to be in this area. The nature of the practice and the group here in Dryden were also very attractive. There are a number of physicians here who I trained with and are good friends of mine, so it’s a warm area to come back to,” said Jollymore.

Jollymore will be located at the Dingwall Clinic who has already started the rostering process to fill Jollymore’s calendar.



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