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Second Chance Pet Network’s Newest & Exciting Project

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just a handful of themSecond Chance is proud and happy to announce the newest plan set out for the new shelter location on Wilson Rd.

A feral colony with an enclosed structure, we have about 60 ferals waiting already to move in. SCPN has been helping an elderly couple who have been caring for these ferals for some time now.


We are very excited about this project and helping feral cats. With our T-N-R already in progress for a couple years now we have prevented many unwanted pregnancies and helped control the explosive population of discarded cats.

These cats are trapped, spayed/neutered, vaccinated and ear tagged, then returned to their stomping grounds.


To date SCPN has spayed 35 females and neutered 27 males, preventing the potential birth of over 13,020,000 kittens over the next 10 years. Staggering figure isn’t it? Among the residents we have had at the shelter are 77 feral kittens, most of whom we have found homes for.


This has proven to be the most efficient and cost effective way of controlling populations. The cats no longer have dominance issues, no fighting or screaming, disease is controlled , no pregnancies and leaves no room for more to move in.

Some believe in killing the cats, this only creates a vacuum effect, you take them out…more move in.


We hope you will be as excited as we are and want to help. Any form of support will be greatly appreciated, time, manpower and of course money.

Drop by 26 King St. , call 223-3335 or email info@secondchance

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