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Rotary welcomes Brazil exchange student

Peter Keen (left), Rotary Past President and Rena Madden (right), Rotary President, welcome Gustavo De Melo Orlandi, the new exchange student from Brazil. Photo by Ally Dunham

By Cassie Price

Brazilian exchange student, Gustavo De Melo Orlandi has just started his second month at the Dryden High School.   Orlandi has been happy with his decision on entering the exchange program.
“The reason why I chose Canada for the exchange program was because I found this place so much better for the language, culture and the area in general than all the other choices that we received.”  Orlandi said. “The reason why I had done the exchange program was because I hope that it will help me with my future career goal in International Relations.”
Oriandi had a little trouble adjusting to the new language in the beginning and of course the weather since arriving from his home country Brazil.
“The weather has been a huge change for me since I am used to about 25 above instead of 15 below for an average day. I remember the first day I was here someone asked me if I would like an ice-cream when all I really wanted was a hot drink,” said Orlandi.
At the moment, Orlandi is taking Grade 12 classes at the school and has been enjoying his Outdoor class.
“Some of my favourite hobbies are basketball, soccer and playing the classical guitar,” Orlandi said. “Soccer and basketball have always been my favourite, but for soccer I’ve been playing it since I was born.  Next month I planned on doing the tryouts for this year’s basketball season at the school.”
Orlandi has been continuing to learn new things each day about Canada’s culture and language, and will be happy to share his experiences with friends and family when he returns home at the end of the school year in 2012.

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