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SCPN in the Aviva Community Fund

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Hi all, remember many moons ago when SCPN begged you for votes in the Pepsi Refresh Contest……well we are at it again.

This time it’s the Aviva Community Fund and for $150,000.00.This money would complete our building  and lessen our fundraising efforts so better for you, us and of course our furry residents.

Click on the link, register and vote once a day. There are 3 cycles of voting, the semi finals and then the judges take over. You get 15 votes for each cycle and we ask please that you only vote for SCPN, we really want to win.  1st cycle Oct. 3-19, 2nd cycle  Oct. 24-Nov. 9, 3rd cycle Nov. 14-30, semi finals Dec. 5-16 and judging is  Dec. 20-Jan. 24. Winner is announced Jan. 25th.

Please spread the word, share on FB, email all contacts and talk, talk, talk, vote, vote, vote.

Thanks in advance, SCPN truly appreciates the support we have received in the past and hope it continues for our future!

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