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Dryden men win Red Lake tournament

Red Lake Fall Classic first place winners Dennis Wintle (left) and Kevin Szachury proudly display the tournament trophy on September 4, 2011. The Dryden residents took home trophies and $11,000 in cash.

2011 Red Lake Fall Classic Top Ten

1-Dennis Wintle, Kevin Szachury, 31.95 lbs.
2-Dave Gryderman, Dan Daciw, 30.87 lbs.
3-Patrick MacMillan, Catherine Farley, 28.53 lbs.
4-Kevan Bassingthwaite, Harry Spence, 28.10 lbs.
5-JP?Kennedy, David Koss, 27.45 lbs.
6-Dean McDonald, Scott Gardiner, 27.03 lbs.
7-Dominic Dodic, Andy Willis, 26.89 lbs.
8-Doug Skomoroh, Keith Rutter, 26.81 lbs.
9-Jerry Woods, Jake Teichroeb, 26.48 lbs.
10-Jason Leblanc, Tim Szaflik, 26.38 lbs.

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