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GALLERY: 2011 Walleye Masters — Day 1 — in the air and on the water

Scenes from Day One of Walleye Masters action on Wabigoon Lake.

For Day One results, click here.

Photos by Chris Marchand

By Ally Dunham

There were 113 teams registered for this year’s Shaw Walleye Masters, and 112 boats taking off the morning of Saturday, June 18 for the 22nd Annual catch and release tournament.

Local angler Jason Rostek and Mike Sheppard of Emo, ON took the first place trophy and grand prize of over $18,000 with a total weight of 34.04 lbs. and the highest weight ever recorded on the Walleye Masters trophy. Day One saw a weight of 13.96 lbs. and Day Two saw a weight of 20.08 lbs. with two fish at 29 inches each.

Rostek said following Saturday’s results, he was nervous going into Day Two.

“Nervous, because it was televised and everything, you want to do well the next day, but I didn’t know if our spot was going to hold out or not.”

Although one boat was disqualified Friday for non-compliance of the rules, and a couple teams not being able to complete the tournament due to motor failures, the tournament was one of the biggest and most exciting in history.

Shaw Television was on hand the whole weekend to broadcast regionally, as well as the final boat parade, lead by a fleet of trucks from Dingwall Ford, nationally all across Canada.

Anglers had a tough go of it on Saturday with whitecaps rolling in for takeoff, and pouring rain all day long, but some said it just made for better fishing.

Rostek said, “It was pretty tough. We got caught in a couple wakes and it was pretty rough on the boat. We had a rough time getting down to where we were fishing.”

The energy couldn’t have been higher in the packed arena as day one’s top ten teams gathered with their boats to do the boat parade through the arena and the final weigh in keeping everyone in suspense.

“I don’t know why, I’ve never done good two days in a row. It was just effortless. We didn’t have to work at it“, said Rostek. “I usually have to try so hard to catch the fish and they were just there.”

Spectators saw a large amount of big fish entries being weighed in, with the winners of Big Fish Day One being Ed Goulet and Nathan Herbert, both of Red Lake, weighing in at 7.3 lbs. Big Fish Day Two weighed in at a whopping 9.46 lbs., caught by Robert Scott and Gerald Bilyk, both of Winnipeg.

For a complete list of all the results, check the website at Registration will be open for the 2012 tournament shortly.


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