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Top marks for DRHC

Dryden Regional Health Centre (DRHC) has scored a nearly perfect percentage on their hospital accreditation recently.
With over 1,400 standards to be judged on, DRHC has scored a 98.5 per cent with only 21 standards not met.  Plans are in place to improve those 21 points, including issues such as limited space in the pharmacy, medication management in the pharmacy and no official organ donor program.  Wade Petranik, CAO of DRHC says he will be speaking with other hospitals in rural communities to ask for input on their donor programs.
DRHC was commended on culture and commitment to safety and quality, outreach programs to support better patient outcomes, relationships with community partners, supportive and collegial atmosphere and innovative solutions to reducing energy consumption.
Audited by Accreditation Canada, the hospital sees the audit take place every three years, and received very good feed- back for the 2011 audit.
Angela Bujold, VP Clinical Support Services and Service Quality for DRHC said, “There were comments from the staff, that the physicians were great to work with, they felt they had a great working relationship with the physicians, and he (the auditor) said you don’t often hear that in hospitals from staff about physicians.  We also got very good feedback from our community partners, so that was also very good for us.”
The surveyors identified the creation of the Community Service Guide – Patient Navigator as a leading practice. Accreditation Canada defines leading practices as commendable or exemplary organizational practices that demonstrate high quality leadership and service delivery, worthy of recognition for what they contribute to health care as a whole. The Community Service Guide is part of the Family Health Team and an integral part of the Dryden Age Friendly Network.
Health care organizations that participate in Accreditation Canada’s program are evaluating their performance against national standards of excellence. Two surveyors from Accreditation Canada spent three days at the hospital, speaking with patients and their families, following staff members as they provided care and interviewing management, Board members and community partners.
In the final report, the surveyors noted that ‘this is an organization that embraces and supports best practice, is committed to quality care, patient safety and the pursuit of innovative solutions to enhance health care services in the community.”
By Ally Dunham

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