News Polls — 12 May 2011

The selection of the name ‘Open Roads’ for The Keewatin-Patricia District’s School Board’s newest elementary school, set to open in the fall, has caused a bit of a stir among residents of Dryden and former students of Riverview School where the new school has been built.
How do you feel about the name? What would you call it?

The poll is now closed
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(3) Readers Comments

  1. I graduated from Riverview School along with 1000’s of people that have. It has always been known has Riverview School. Why change it to open roads? Honestly, What is the real reason for hanging the name? I think even though the name might be changed; people will always call it Riverview.

  2. I agree no to “Open Roads”. Everyone I talk to from students to professionals agree it’s not a very good choice. I say keep Riverview or call it Pineview (Pinewood and Riverview combined)

  3. No to “Open Roads” Riverview school is a perfect name.

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