News — 17 May 2011

The long awaited answer to the future of Aspenware in Dryden is finally here. According to City of Dryden Mayor, Craig Nuttall, Aspenware will not be building their wood cutlery facility in Dryden at this time.

“Michael Gravelle, (Minister of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry) has announced that Aspenware is going to continue with the B.C. operation, so they have no future plans right now to do anything in Dryden,” said Nuttall.

Nuttall said the company is going to concentrate on their BC operations, and see if they can become more productive. He says the wood supply competition has nothing to do with the choice that Aspenware has made.

Nuttall says it will now be up to the economic development officer to market the property that was coined for use by Aspenware and bring new industry to the community.

“It’s disappointing but we wish them luck and hope that in a few years they will still come to Dryden,” said Nuttall. “It would have been nice to create all those jobs.

Aspenware was looking at developing a 50,000 square foot manufacturing plant on a 5-acre site in the new industrial park in Dryden.

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